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MBOMBELA – Is etiquette old-fashioned, or is it making a comeback? Can not knowing how to put your cutlery down when you have finished eating, be embarrassing?

The Mbombela branch of the South Africa Council for Business Women (SACBW) concluded Women’s Day with a fun luncheon on Monday of last week.

It is not a bad way to spend a weekday afternoon, sipping wine and being treated to a four-course meal at the Protea Hotel in the city. Alongside the meal, they were treated to a casual course in table etiquette.

Organiser Ms Estelle Roe said she had been to many hotels and business lunches, and when she set up this lunch, she realised she had been doing many things wrong.

Such as not placing your napkin (which stays on your lap throughout the meal) down on the table when leaving it, unless you are completely finished eating or not returning.

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