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After 22 year’s in the field of business strategy and organisational change management, Estelle Roe has mastered the industry.  Through the years she has consulted many major companies; guiding large projects and heading their strategic and marketing fronts.  Many recognized companies such as Nedcor, CNA & Vodacom have benefited from Estelle’s quick and creative mind, finding solutions that benefit the companies, their vast staff and clientele base.

Estelle has proven herself time and again as an asset to both national and localized businesses alike.  Since moving to Mpumalanga she has continued to service large corporate companies but has also become proficient in assisting and advising smaller, more localized markets such as Realty 1, Heidel Eggs, Forest Wire and Van Wettens.

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Strategic Business Planning

Is your company just doing business day by day without really having a goal in mind?

Strategic Business Planning is the road map that will help your business grow and …

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Human Resource Planning

Does your staff members each have a job description, detailing what is expected from each member?

Are they measured on output and performance?

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General Business Direction

To make sure that your business is running as you have planned your will always need to find ways to check if the quality of what you do is up to standard …

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