CSR Alignment


Community Social Investment

Doing good and assisting the community has fast become a requirement for all organisations as the public eye tends to favor those who put back into the community.  With so many different charities and non-profit organisations one is certainly spoiled for choice, but which is truly the right cause to support for your company?

Estelle sits on the board of the Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation and is active in many of their drives to procure necessary items for those less fortunate.  She has learnt to work hand in hand with many of these crucial organisations, offering her time and expertise to assist where she can.  Her experience in this field has granted her an understanding of the charity/business relationship enabling her to align her clients to the most appropriate charities for their specific industry.  

Estelle has always believed that giving is better than receiving and has applied this to her life in every aspect. She believes in building up the community and creating a better living environment for those who cannot aid themselves; after all, doesn’t everyone want a warm meal and bed at night?