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  1. Caroline Mabaso

    I think Estelle Roe must come to Bushbuckridge, because I think this side we also need workshops like this. I’m also in business but I don’t have marketing skills I’m struggling with my business, and I want to go big but how I’m in kiddies party planner business but I’m struggling with marketing I need some help not only me but I think there are lots of businesswomen who have some challenges out there
    ‘ and they don’t know what to do and where to go. We need those workshops here often for unemployed young women out there to learn to stand up for themselves. Thank you.

    • precision

      Thank you for your feedback and input Caroline. We will most certainly try to do something like this in you area as I think it is very necessary. I will speak to SEDA and some of our other sponsors to try to set this up. If you have any ideas to help us with this please feel free to contact me. Regards Estelle Roe


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