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MBOMBELA – The local branch of the South African Council for Business Women (SACBW) recently kicked the year off on an inspirational note when it held its very first meeting for 2015 at Emnotweni Sun.

For four consecutive years this branch had been named branch of the year and in 2015 it aimed to do the same. With “growth” as theme, Ms Estelle Roe, addressed the women on how to unlock their potential.

According to Roe one of the fundamental ingredients to achieve growth was having a vision.

However, it was important to be very specific she said and added that one of the first things to do was to set a goal. “Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process and therefore one needs to establish very specific goals.”

According to her an effective way to ensure that one kept on track was by using vision boards.

She explained to the more than 50 businesswomen who attended how it should be done and kept a watchful eye when they created their own.

She stressed the importance of goals being time-specific as well as attainable and encouraged the women to make it part of their vision board. According to her, boards like these should be viewed regularly in order for the person to commit continuously and should also include positive words and pictures.

“Positivity without a doubt helps one

to reach one’s goals,” Roe said and added that one should always dream big and set goals high.

Roe sets out the following 10 motivators to help one achieve their goals

• Evaluate where you are

• Envision where you want to be

• Establish a clear plan

• Eliminate distractions

• Explore all options

• Enlist the help of others

• Execute vision plan

• Examine your process

• Enjoy the journey

• Always be grateful.

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