Strategic Direction

•  Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the market place, specifically relevant to your area of operation.
•  Extensive investigation of competitor activities in your area and identifying potential gaps that your company can take the lead with.
•  Investigating category trends both nationally and internationally and recommending potential future direction for the company to work towards.
•  Classify current target market and isolate new potential markets to pursue. Particularly a plan of action with regards attracting the Black market and Female market as both of these are becoming more prominent in the market as purchase decision makers.
•  Recommendations on how to communicate the brand successfully in the market place. Looking at different ways to break through the clutter of competitor advertising, including analysis of different existing and new media, comparing cost/reach/frequency/impact.
•  Culminating in a communication plan for a year period, ensuring relevant and consistent brand presence in the market place.
•  Guiding companies with their Corporate Social Investment strategies as well as their Green Footprints these are becoming more prevalent in business plans.